Ballpoint Pens

Deer Hunter Bolt Action, Ballpoint/Gel Ink, Antique Copper -- Pine Cone


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    A pen that any hunter would appreciate, made from a replica of a 30 Caliber bullet. The clip is a deer's head, and a deer is engraved on the tip. This particular pen is made from antique copper, and from the center of a long needle pine cone, the state tree of Alabama. Turning a pine cone is quite difficult secondary to the softness of the wood, and the tendency for the pine cone to "blow", or disintegrate while turning. It usually takes 2 or 3 attempts to successfully make 1 pen.

    This particular pen is quite striking because the pine cone was also spalted, meaning that it had fungus growing in it, giving it the black lines that you can see toward the tip of the pen. This is not a common finding in the pine cone, but is common in other woods and give quite a character to the wood.

    The pen uses a ballpoint cartridge or a gel ink cartridge. The pen that you receive will be the exact one shown.
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